A Spoon Further

I loved this site and wished that there were still contest going on like this. Contests that challenge an artist’s creativity, but for now the pictures will have to do. Basically this is what the contest was about:

“The aluminum spoons were handed out to the participants of this cultural event on October, 1 1998 in Yekaterinburg’s Artists’ Club. 14 jewelers were present there. Many of them took 2-3 spoons, not because of greed — for their friends and just in case. Looking at their acquisitions the masters of jewelry genre noted that in general aluminum was a beneficial metal—light, pliable, easy to bend and cut, but it had one serious limitation—it was extremely difficult to solder. 21 jewelers from Yekaterinburg, Nizhni-Tagil, Chelyabinsk creatively metamorphosed the metal within the scope of the contest ‘A spoon further’.”

You can view the results of the contest and find out who won by visiting “Contest Results”. To view all of the spoons which were both craftily made and beautifully artistic click the “Picture Gallery” button, and then you go down the list or you can start with one and click next for the next spoon in the gallery.

My favorites are “A Fish”, “Life”, “Hunting Set”, “Fish, oh my Fish”, and “Feed a Spoon as Much as You Like.”

Check out the entire gallery and see what strikes your fancy.