Today I’m bringing you two links, one for those of you who use VISA, and one for those of you who use MASTERCARD. These sites are ATM Locators, and are quite helpful, especially if you are traveling and need to get some money from your credit card (or debit card – seeing as most debit cards are also either VISA or MASTERCARD.)

Let’s start with the VISA Site.

When the site loads you will notice that there is a map to one side and some drop down boxes to the other. I was sad to find that the map is just pretty decoration and that to use the site you have to use the drop down boxes. But hey, I’ll live, it’s still a really functional site—I just like to click things.

So I checked out the drop down boxes. The first one has you select a region—think continents. I chose Europe. The second box will allow you to select a country—I chose France. Then in the third box you need to know the city you are going to—I chose Paris. The postal code is optional.

I didn’t know it so I didn’t fill it in. You then have the option of beginning your search or doing an advanced search (which allows you to find 24hr ATMs, how many results to display and such.) I clicked “Find ATMs” and there was a nice orderly listing of ATMs that were open 24hrs a day in beautiful Paris.

Your other option is to fill in the information and click “Quick Search”. This option takes the information and gives you a listing of ATMs. The nice thing is that you can do this for any country all over the world—it pays to find out these things before traveling. You can also check out the search engine to find airport ATMs, it works basically the same way only with airports.


I was way more impressed with this one. You have more options right off the bat like searching by Landmark in the US, and the engine changes per country you are searching in. So you get only the options you need. You can also search Airports on this site as well.

Besides the 24hr ATM option, this site includes drive through ATMs and ATMs that are handicapped accessible. You can also find ATMs through your Financial Institution—for those of us with debit cards. I know I’ll be using that function of the site.

I was also impressed to see that the site had a section of tips for safe usage of an ATM card. It had a lot of helpful tips like “Common Sense Usage” tips, Tips for U.S. Cardholders when Traveling Abroad, and many more and is definitely worth a look. Here’s an example: “International ATMs may save you money. Withdrawals are dispensed in local currency and are debited from your account in U.S. dollars based on a favorable exchange rate.”

It’s always great to find helpful sites like these two, enjoy!