Ben’s Guide to the Election Process

If you know teens who want to know more about the electoral process, this site is really cool. Like the other Ben’s Guide to the Government site I brought you earlier this year, it is setup wonderfully and is very easy to understand. This one is for grades 9-12 so its on a high school level.

You start with learning how the President and Vice President are elected. It takes you through all the steps from the nomination of candidates to the general election to the electoral college to the inauguration.

Next is the election of Senators, followed closely by the election of Representatives. These sections will tell you how long the senators and representatives serve, how often they are voted for and such. Very informative.

Then this site talks about Voter Registration. How and why you need to register in order to vote in the election. Information on where you can register (although if you haven’t registered yet, it’s too late now) and even how you can vote.

I found this site a little more approachable than the grown up site on voting I brought you yesterday. I think you’ll enjoy it.