Cell Phones For Soldiers

With the overwhelming positive response I got from running Operation Paperback and Adopt-a-Platoon, I’m bringing you Cell Phones for Soldiers. “The Cell Phones for Soldiers program was started by two teenagers from Norwell Massachusetts, 13 year old Brittany Bergquist and her 12 year old brother Robbie.” They heard of a soldier racking up major long distance charges trying to call home and were spurred into action. You can find the rest of their story on the site.

How you can help. You don’t even have to send cash, even though there is an option for that. The better way I believe you can help is by dropping off or mailing off your old cell phones. With the frequency that Americans upgrade their cell phones, there should be tons of them going to this organization. Click on Phone Donation to get the information. You will find an address that you can mail them off to or you can click the link to find if there are any donation centers near you.

Some phones even pre-qualify for free shipping to a phone recycler. This will pop-up in a new window. Where you put in your phone’s brand and model number and then it tells you if you can send it this way.

Another way you can help if you’re willing to spend some money is to go to the product section. There you can buy a T-shirt or a pre-paid calling card. To donate the card click “no shipping” on the shipping menu and it will get sent to a soldier who needs it instead.

Clicking the partner section you’ll find out who is helping this organization out and what they are donating. For instance, Awareness Life is donating a dollar for each product sold through the product store.

This is a wonderful organization and I’m glad I could share it with you.