I am utterly in love with this site, and if you do crafts, you will be too. There are two sections to this site “The Forum” and “The Blog”. Let’s start off in the blog—this is where you can find random bits of craftiness. Like dye subbing, making your own erasers, and much, much more. (Warning: you may find links to stores here—you do not have to buy anything. It’s just the blog owner sharing her fabulous finds.) This section is new and you can find archives for a couple of days in August and get in at the beginning.

Let’s move on to the Forum. I saved this section for last because it is so cool. Here you can find craft projects that will challenge your imagination and take your crafting to new levels. On the side you’ll see some pictures under the title “Featured Projects”. Click on the pictures to go to the craft projects, while I was there they had prayer boxes, make your own sketchbook, pillowcase skirts, and a lot more. Most of them come with tutorials of how to create them. You can also scroll down the page and check things out by topic. If you register, (it’s free), you can post your own one of a kind ideas, and tutorials. This is a fabulous crafting community—I can’t wait to get logged in and start finding my crafts to give out at Christmas. I usually give homemade soap, but this year it might just be erasers. Let me tell you craft aficionados, this one is a keeper. You’ll get drawn by all the lovely crafts you can try out. There are so many. Like lampshades, and pillows, and skirts, and wine glass charms. So many to try out and enjoy, you’ve got to check it out!