Discovering Lewis and Clark

I am very excited to be bringing you this site on Lewis & Clark and their journey. This has to be one of the nicest history sites I’ve found. It has the one thing that makes a site a step above in my eyes—both a flash version and an html version for those who don’t like the time flash takes to load. So even on a slower connection you can enjoy this site. You can look at three different aspects of their journey: The Preparation, Exploration, and The Return Trip.

The Preparation—Learn all about the Presidential Mission that they were given, which President gave it to them, and learn all about their preparation for this journey. What supplies did they take with them? Did you know: “The President authorized Lewis to select a co-commander, and in June of 1803 Lewis offered the position to a 33-year-old ex-army lieutenant from Kentucky, William Clark. Once, for a brief period, Clark had been Meriwether Lewis’s commanding officer.”

Exploration—This is where you can follow their journey step by step. And in the meantime learn all about the trek across America from location to location. With beautiful pictures, both historical and current, you can even get an idea of what these places looked like as they journeyed. This section will also fill you in on their adventures. Who did they meet? What kind of animals did they run into?

The Return Trip—While this section is not as varied as the Exploration section you will finish the journey back where they began. Learn about the people and places that were a part of their trip home.

I highly recommend clicking on the “New in August 2004” link. You’ll find some really great updates and information—you should really check it out.

Enjoy the Journey!