We’ve all heard of youth hostel’s right? Places that college students can go stay when they are traveling around the world. Well, now you’re going to hear about Elder hostel! Their slogan is that they are “the nation’s and the world’s largest educational and travel organization for older adults.”

If you’re 55 or older, you’ll find the world’s most diverse and affordable selection of learning adventures. Excite your imagination, sharpen your intelligence, open up to new experiences, and get in touch with interesting people in stimulating places. “Trace the footsteps of Lewis & Clark. Get an insider’s view of the Louvre. Wander the battlefields of Gettysburg. Study Shakespeare, Dickinson, or Frost. Unlock the mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Set your easel up next to a waterfall. Canoe quiet rivers. Increase your appreciation of jazz, opera, or folk music. Whatever you want to do, Elderhostel opens the doors and prepares the way.”

Checking the “About” tab gives you the above information and whole lot more.

Followed by the Programs tab where you will find out what kind of places you could go to, and learn about. Whether it’s here in the good ol’ USA or abroad in Europe, Asia, New Zealand, or many other countries you’ll find tons of information on what there is to do or see.

Click anywhere on the world map to find out about Elderhostel events.

Go to “My Account” to create a convenient free Elderhostel account. An account allows you to enroll in programs online, set and record personal preferences, request free catalogs and emailings, and view and manage your Elderhostel payment records.

This is a great site to plan your next adventure.