Welcome to one of the nicest encyclopedias I have found in a long time. This is an encyclopedia about mythology, folklore, and legend.

To use the encyclopedia choose the “Explore” section. This will allow you to explore through the articles until you find something that strikes your fancy. It is setup by categories: Mythology, Folklore, Bestiary, Heroes, Image Gallery, Genealogy, and Featured Items. On the side menu you will notice those topics all listed under “Areas”, you’ll also see a section called “Miscellaneous”. Under this section you can find the Pronunciation section. Which, if you want to talk about your subject of interest, could be quite helpful.

If you are looking for a specific subject say, griffins, then you should go to the “Search” section and type in “griffin” and hit search. This brings up an article with information on the creature and allows you to cite, rate, or print the information.

Then there is the “What’s New” section which gives you a summary of the recent additions or updates.

If you want to know more about the encyclopedia you can choose “About” and learn all about the encyclopedia itself.

This one is bookmark worthy. Enjoy!