Europe Travel Tips

Their intro tells you just about everything you need to know to navigate with ease around the site. So I’m bringing it to you here as well.

“Welcome to the Europe Travel Tips web site, a resource for general information, top destinations, and informative tips for travel to countries in Europe. Please click on a country name or select one from the menu on the left.”

Then you see a beautiful map with tons of places to click on—different countries from all over Europe. I chose Italy as I would love to go there some day. I was wondering what I would find out when I got in, and let me tell you I was amazed with what I found!

The site gives you general historical information about Italy. Then you scroll down and there is a destinations section here you can learn all about some of the most popular destination in Italy like Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, and even Pisa. I’d personally like to go to Venice one day. Each destination gives you a blurb of what you’re likely to find at that location.

Example: Venice

“Venice is one of the singly most memorable and recognizable cities, with canals lined with marble as its highways. Start in the Piazza San Marco and see the Basilica di San Marco and the Clock Tower, take a gondola ride down the Canal Grande, or see the Chiesa di Madonna dell’Orto and the Chiesa di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, two of the most beautiful churches Venice has to offer.”

I scrolled down further and hit gold, there was even a tips section. This section gives you tips about traveling to Italy. Here are a few examples.

“Cappuccino: Italians drink a good cappuccino at breakfast only, and not dinner. It still gives quite the wake up kick.”

“When To Visit: Most cities, towns and villages have their own patron saint. On that saint’s calendar day, the town closes down with festivities.”

They even gave a tip on how to dress when visiting churches so you don’t make a major faux pas! “Shorts: When visiting Italian churches or cathedrals, remember that shorts or beachwear is not acceptable, so dress appropriately.”

So pick a destination and enjoy!