Games We Play

If you guessed that this site was all about games you would be right. This site is about game play throughout history and the present day. How games impact our lives, and what they teach us.

“Far from being frivolous, games have always had distinct cultural purposes. Games have been an important pastime for adults and children alike, providing intellectual challenges and entertaining practice in analysis and strategy. Children have been encouraged to indulge in games and other forms of play as a means of improving their general education.”

Learn about the origins of games like chess, crossword puzzles, and many more. Learn how they developed over time and how much they may have changed since their creation.

Some games had political aspirations, meaning that they were designed to be played by the general public and convey political agenda. Some games were also designed to teach principles and morals.

Who knew there was so much to the games we play? There are also fabulous historical pictures on the opposite side of the screen as the navigation, click on them to reveal more of the picture and more interesting information.