History World

To use this site efficiently I recommend browsing the two demos that they have provided on the homepage, they will really help you make the most out of the site. They are only a couple of minutes long but are really helpful. The first video is Finding the Right Story – it will help you use the search engine and the give you the knowledge of how to find exactly what you are looking for. The second video is Using and Making Timelines, this video will walk you through the ideal way to make and use their timeline information.

Or you can follow their other suggestion:

“There are many other parts of the site you can experiment with. Try TOURS to travel through time on your own selection of interconnecting trails. Use WHATWHENWHERE to discover what was going on at any moment. There are also a number of CURRICULUM TIMELINES.”

My favorite part of the site is playing Whizz Quiz. “Whizz Quizz is an online game in which you can pit your speed and skill against other competitors. A new challenge starts every hour on the hour. If you are the fastest so far, you feature on the Home Page as Whizzard of the Hour.” On the homepage you will see two example questions of what it is like, and then you can click the Play Whizz Quiz button and be off to quiz land.

The quiz I took was seven questions of historical information which I was miserable at.:-) But the important thing to remember is speed as well as accuracy. Time is an issue. You get a twenty second time penalty for each incorrect answer.

This is a site that makes History fun with a capital F.