International Federation of Competitive Eating

Catch the latest news from the world of Competitive Eating with this site. I didn’t know there was a world of competitive eating till I ran across this really cool site. There is a circuit of tournaments for competitive eating that spans the nation. And for many different types of food, I’d love to have to eat ice cream.

The astonishing part of this site was reading the records of who won. Here are some examples:

Baked Beans
Six Pounds Baked Beans
One Minute, 48 Seconds
Donald Lerman

Candy Bars
Two Pounds Chocolate Candy Bars
6 minutes
Eric Booker

Cow Brains
57 (17.7 pounds)
15 minutes
Takeru Kobayashi

Isn’t that amazing? I can’t imagine eating that much that fast. And the records go on and on. Could you imagine eating cow brains? Let alone in a competition? You should also check out the profile section where you can check out the individuals that are winning these competitions and what they look like. Sonya Thomas surprised me, because there were a lot of wins under her name and she only weighs a whopping 105 pounds, where is she putting all that food. This is a really fun site that should brighten up your day.