I love the crisp, clean look of this site. And it is even easy to use as well. Two thumbs up for excellent design. What’s more, it’s full of interesting content. You can browse this site in two way—you can look at the “Most Recent” section or head right to the “Start the Tour”.

If you choose the “Most Recent” section to continue browsing after the first page you need to hit the back button and travel backwards through the entries. My favorite this way had to be “Dixie Belle”. It is the second one in this section, so if you hit the back button once you’ll get there. Not only will you find information about the matchbook’s cover design but you’ll also learn about the company it was made for. Very witty and informative.

To go through the”Start the Tour” section simply click “Start the Tour” and be prepared for some very interesting matchbook covers. To continue browsing through this section simply click the Next button. You’ll find that this is pretty engrossing, in fact it is darned easy to lose track of time while you are surfing through this site.