Math Investigations

Need help meeting the math standard in grades K-5? This site is both a resource for students and for their teachers. I think the parents, and grandparents, of children K-5 are interested in knowing what the standard is. What do their little loved ones need to learn? How can they assure that they do learn it?

This site can help you figure that out. You can check it out by types of math too. Whether it is Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and even Data Analysis and Probability. Each section goes through the Standards & Expectations, Ideas & Worksheets, and Book Suggestions. The Standards and Expectations are broken up by grade levels and math types. Choose the type of math and the grade level you want to know about it and it gives you the standards and expectations of what your child should be learning for that grade level.

So you can get the most information out of all the topics, and even be able to help your child practice with worksheets.

There is a mailing list you can join to get monthly math teaching ideas. And great website links for both students and teachers. This site will definitely help you help your child out.