Musipedia : The Open Music Encyclopedia

I’d recommend that the first thing you do when you get to this site is to read about the Parson’s Code. The code is ideal for those of us who can’t read music but have a tune stuck in our head, because you don’t need any musical knowledge, you just need to know if the note is higher or lower from what I understand. They give an example in the explanation with Beethoven’s 8th.

Another really cool feature of this music encyclopedia is Melodyhound. It’s a musical search engine that you can whistle or sing to, or directly put in the Parson’s code to find that tune. You can search also by genre is it popular or classical, or maybe a folk song? For those of you who are the opposite, who are extremely musical, you can add and edit entries in the database to help those of us out who aren’t.

Aren’t you ready to name that tune that’s driving you bonkers?