The Frank Coffyn Collection

In “About the Project” you will learn all about how this project came to be, who Frank Coffyn was, and all about the Wright Exhibition Flyers. This section is a must read—it is wonderfully written and full of history and charm.

In “Explore the Collection” you will be able to do just that, explore. Whether you want to read stories or see photographs, you won’t be disappointed as they go hand in hand. You get images of things with the information. I loved the imagery of this section. It is like truly being a part of the story. You can see what it was like, creating a more captivating image in your mind of the times and places.

I want to specifically point out the “Image Types” section as it has some real gems in it. You can check out postcards, portraits, negatives and a whole lot more in Image types, and the niftiest thing was being able to read some of the postcards.

In Coffyn’s Flying Machine, here you can learn how they rediscovered, built, tested and flew this design for a flying machine. Here you can see it in motion. They did rebuild Frank Coffyn’s Flying Machine, they did get it off the ground but what happened then? Read more to find out.

A wonderful site that is both beautifully presented and informational, enjoy!