The Smoke Ring

There’s still enough summertime left to get sizzlin’. That’s right, it’s barbecue time. With the Smoke Ring you can learn everything you need to know about barbecuing.

There’s a huge how to section and tons of recipes for you to try. And I’m talking about barbecue from all over the world. While I was there surfing the site there was a lovely Puerto Rican Barbecue. Check it out and see how they barbecue there. You’ll find recipes for barbecue sauces, different types of meat, and even some veggies.

You can find out the six most common barbecue mistakes. Here’s an example: “#1 is not preheating the grill on high for at least ten minutes.”

What other mistakes do people make? This part of the site even tells you how to correct the mistakes, so that your barbecue is the very best. If your love of barbecue is as large as mine then you’ll want to join the Barbecue Discussion List.

Enjoy some very good eating.