Today in Literature

Find out what happened today in literature. When I was browsing this site on October 26th I got to read a lively bit of history on Hans Christian Anderson’s life. You’ll notice that the day’s article is displayed on the home page and you can read it without registering. A two week free trial is available, after which you can decide whether or not you’d like to purchase the premium newsletter. The Premium membership costs $25.00 per year.

Along the side of the page you will notice, among other links, Author Index, Recent Stories, and Today’s Story. The Author Index is the main one I want to deal with. Click Author Index to be taken to a page with a listing of authors that have been reviewed at Today in Literature.

I choose to look at Dante, born Dante Alighieri and I find that there is biographical information, stories about him to read, works by this author, and recommended links about him. Very informative! You can also access this information by continuing to scroll down the page. They also give you the name of related authors. So that you can expand your knowledge there too!

This site is nicely put together, with smooth and easy navigation. Enjoy!