Traffic Cone Preservation Society

I got a kick out of this site. I highly recommend that you start your visit by checking out the Field guide, (to find the link for this just scroll to the bottom of the page), where you will be introduced to the many different species of cones. My favorite cone is the Northern Petal Cone: “This rare cone has a unique curving foot that was previously thought to be merely a decoration. However, recent studies have shown that petal footed cones have a slight advantage over their square footed cousins on soft ground and grassy terrain.”

For a good laugh check out Evolution and the Pictorial History of the Cones. Here you’ll learn how the cones evolved over time into the advanced species that they are today, and where in history you may have seen them.

In Pulp Culture you will find Toys and Collectibles, Music, Games and Sports, Advertisements, Art, Comics and Animation. Each section has pictures as examples of the genre and medium. Very funny.

This site is sure to brighten up your morning the same way it did mine. Hail the Traffic Cones!