Transportation Futuristics

What is “transportation futuristics”? According to the site’s intro, “Many of us are familiar with covers from Popular Science that depict commuters buzzing around in tiny aircraft and landing on rooftops, or fanciful drawings of vehicles that run on roads, float on water and also take to the air. The basic problem many of us face each day—how to get from Point A to Point B in the least amount of time with the least amount of trouble—has inspired many to dream of marvelous ways to solve that problem.”

What will you find here? Well, you’ll find futuristic art, drawings of inventions that could be the way that transportation will go in, you guessed it, the future. You’ll find different types of things in different galleries. My favorite Gallery is GEM (Ground Effect Machines) which includes air cars, Jetson style air cars where they are more like a dome with a metal floor and a seat, they are really neat. I guess they could be called hover craft type of vehicles. I like them a lot.

But you also find Helicopters, Monorail, Oddities, Auto, not to mention many more galleries to browse through. I recommend the Oddities section because there is a lot of diversity in this category and they’re all pretty neat. You’ll even find out about the BART Buggy!

This one will keep you interested all the way through. Even the information provided with these machines is well written and interesting. You’ll notice as you browse through that there are two ways to navigate. You can either use the previous and next buttons at the bottom or you can use the buttons at the top as well as the gallery buttons which are located also at the top.