Voting and Elections

Well, for those of us in the United States you’re probably aware that tomorrow it’s time to vote. Regardless of who you are voting for you may need some information on voting. This is my first time voting in an election so I sought out some information on the process.

This site is great because it covers it all from the basics to the nitty-gritty advanced process of how it all goes down. I started out in the basics wanting a refresher in how it all works from what I learned while I was in school. The Basics section will walk you through your voting rights and tell you all the details.

If you go down a few sections you’ll find the “Electoral College”, which talks about how your vote gets turned into the electoral vote. This is where you learn how the Electoral College works and such. You can view how the votes are broken up between the states, and how many votes your state has.

You can also learn all about the history of voting in the “History” section, and if you go down to the next section you can learn all about registering to vote and going out and voting on the day of the election.

This site is definitely for you, if you plan on voting in the election, check it out.