World on Wheelz

You are probably wondering what World on Wheelz is about, well I’m here to tell you all about it. This site is dedicated to Wheelchair
Accessible Travel. That’s right, places where you can visit even if you are restricted to a wheel chair. Let’s face it, a lot of people don’t
advertise whether they are wheel chair accessible or not—this will provide an excellent starting point and a valuable resource.

Travel Reviews: This is the heart of the site to me, the place where the info is. This is where you’ll find places that are completely
accessible to wheel chair use from cruise lines to cities. A guide like this is extremely worthwhile to have.

Pictures: You can also get pictures of the places you’d like to travel to. Whether you are satisfying your curiosity or really planning
to travel to one of these great destinations, you’ll love what they’re offering.

Travel Tips: From general tips to “How to Get an Accessible Taxi”, here you will find gems of advice and jewels of wisdom on making
the trip.

What a great site! Easy to navigate and full of helpful information. What more could you ask for?