120 Years of Electronic Music

120 Years of Electronic Music

Over the years Electronic Music has evolved, but I was surprised by how much. Electronic music got it’s start way back in 1870 with the Musical Telegraph. “The ‘Musical Telegraph’ used steel reeds whose oscillations were created and transmitted , over a telephone line, by electromagnets.” It was created by Elisha Gray, who would have gone down in history as the man to invent the telephone if only Alexander Graham Bell hadn’t done so first according to the article. This one in particular is an interesting read.

Electronic Music continued to develop through the 1900’s. You can discover it from there in 10 year increments. Most of the earlier musical inventions I had never even heard of like the Tuttivox, or the Electronium Pi. Some of the articles have pictures of the inventions and other’s do not. But most of them are fairly unique.

When I got to the seventies I found devices I had heard of. Brands I’ve actually used like Korg, and Casio. Their synthesizers rock! Now you can program a synthesizer to make just about any noise made to man, and some that could only come from a machine. You can get real instrument quality that sounds like a live orchestra from one keyboard with speakers.

The more of them you check, the more interesting it seems that they get. All in all a truly nifty site!


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