A Love of Monsters

I know that this site says “Hey wait for the new site to go up” but if you click the link under the picture you can still check out this very spiffy site. This site is all about Gargoyles and Architectural Details in New York City.

What I adore about this site is that it is fabulously put together, well written, and an adventure. Click “Monster Walks” to begin your journey. You will then have a choice between different places in New York. Like Wall Street, the West Side, and the Brooklyn Museum, just to name a few. Choose where you would like to start and get ready for the monsters.

Not only do you get pictures of these places, you also get detailed information. travel all the walks and you’ll learn a lot. My favorite has to be the Brooklyn Museum which the author calls a “marvelous sort of orphan home for stray monsters.”

Check this site out and I promise you won’t regret, at least I hope you don’t. Viewing this site made me want the new and improved version to be ready right now. If you would like to know when the new site is up you can go back to the home page and choose “Click Here to Learn More” in the opening picture.

Keep looking up!


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