You’ll be traveling this site as a Guest, (you can pay for services and to browse more but you can see quite a bit just as a guest.) and the nifty thing is that you can send e-cards for free as a guest.

So why don’t we roam the halls here. You can view this site by galleries. The Galleries include: Famous, 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s, Current, and 90s. Go ahead and take a stroll.

Find something you like? Or something a friend would like? Why not send it to them as an e-card? It’s easy to do! When you find the card you like click enlarge, scroll to the bottom and click e-card. Fill out the required e-mail addresses and then your message and send it off. You can even get a confirmation of when they get it.

Or if you want some quick fun, why not check out their daily top ten. You can check these out for free too. This site is really cool! I just can’t see paying for it when they have so many neat things for free.

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