All About Puppies

We just got a new puppy and I was looking for information to help me out with the rearing of it. He’s a trying little bugger but cute as a button. So I got online and started a thorough search of sites.

While this site may not look impressive it is full of factual, useful information all about puppies and how to take care of them, as well as what they are up against medically. The Pet Center site itself is very useful but I wanted to specifically bring you the section on puppies.

Did you know that most puppies are born with worms already infesting their little bodies? The infestation occurs in the womb, this along with other puppy diseases are important factors for getting your puppy to the vet as soon as you can after you become the owner. In fact, they suggest that you talk to your vet before bringing your puppy home so that you can stop on the way from getting the puppy at the vet for exam. It is also very important that the puppy have a fecal exam so that you can find out if it has worms.

You can also learn about puppy training. A very daunting part of the first year of the puppy, teaching it to go outside to relieve itself, to sit and stay, and more importantly not to beg. We’ve started housebreaking our puppy and let me tell you it is a chore, and there are so many different methods out there that people recommend using but I found the advice on this site to be especially candid and helpful. I think you will too.

There is even a section on what to feed your growing puppy, what nutrition it will need and how to maintain a healthy diet for the little guy. It even goes into whether your dog should eat raw bones.

Now for you cat owners out there, I’m not jilting you on the information here, there is a ton of information about them too just go here. This site talks about everything from raising kittens and puppies to what could happen if they have a disease or if they need surgery. It is a very valuable resource, that I’ll be adding to my favorites. Pet lovers you should add it to yours too!