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Ask Art

Ask Art — The Artist’s Bluebook. Today I’m bringing you the free access part of Ask Art. Here you will find a great directory of museums, galleries, glossaries and whole lot more. It is divided into sections: Museums, Galleries/Dealers, Auction Houses, ART Travel Directory, Professional Associations, Art Glossary, and Dealer Artwork for Sale.

Those you can all check out on your own time, although I’ll recommend the Glossary right off the bat. But the really cool part of the site is at the top of the page. You see the Alphabet, right? Well, contained in those links are over 32,000 American Artists. Listed by their last name, so if you were looking for Whistler you would choose W. You can get tons of information on the artist page too. Everything from where the artist’s work is displayed, whether it’s on sale or wanted, if there are books, and even a biography of the artist all in one place just a click away.

If you know the artists you are looking for you can also use the Artist Search Engine on the Home page to find them, quickly and without any extra stops. I think I browsed fifty artists before getting to Mr. Whistler whom I love. You search by last name, with their first name being optional. And it takes you right to their page, and all their information is right there in front of you.

I hope you enjoy exploring these artists as much as I did.

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