Big Eyed Art Bonanza

Here’s an art site that’s a little different… Remember those paintings of the little girls and animals with the big sad eyes? They were very popular in late 60’s and 70’s. Here you can learn all about this art style, pricing for pieces of big eyed art, the artists, the toys, and even get links to some tribute pages, and new artists continuing the Big Eyed Tradition.

Gig’ Gallery — Here you can get the Gigology. You’ll see 40 of Gig’ paintings.

Margaret Keane — Learn about one of the most famous of the Big Eyed art style and see her paintings.

Tribute Websites — Here you can see more of the big eyed art. Try this tribute page.

Contemporary Big Eyes — Here you will find artists continuing in the big eyed tradition of art.

Little Miss No Name — The Big Eyed Doll that scared children.

There is tons to check out here, and I highly recommend that you do spend some time browsing. I loved Gig’ sad eyed, err big eyed animals. Enjoy!