Breeds of Dogs

Breeds of Dogs

This reference to the World of Dogs, is very neat. Start searching for Breed via alphabetical search, then pick a letter, any letter. If you are a dog lover, or are thinking about a puppy, this site could be very handy for you.

I chose the letter S in the hopes of finding more information on the Shih Tzu, which is the kind of dog I had growing up. I was really fascinating at how in-depth the information was. I didn’t know that they are also called the Chrysanthemum dog. “It is the hair that grows upward from the short nose that gives the Shih Tzu the “chrysanthemum” look described by the Orientals.” Very fascinating.

We’ve been thinking about getting a Beagle so I went there next. And found out that they probably originated with the Celts, and that later in France they crossbred with the Harrier to make another breed called the Beagle Harrier.

Each section goes into their behavior, what they look like, how large they get, and will give you a good understanding of their breed, so read carefully if you are puppy shopping. All in all, for the simply curious there are tons of interesting facts at this site.

Surely worth barking about.

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