Calendars Through the Ages

“Explore the fascinating history of the human endeavor to organize our lives in accordance to the sun and stars.” That’s the intro for this web exhibition on calendars. Isn’t it neat? Well so is the exhibit.

Hit the Next button to start your journey. You’ll find yourself in “Our Year” which defines how our calendar is setup, how astronomy plays into it, the history of our calendar, and when countries changed their calendars.

Then you can go onto “Various Calendars” which will show you calendars from all over the world. Both used and unused calendars so you can check out calendars from the past, as well. I highly recommend checking out the unused section. The Mayan calendar was wildly fascinating.

You can also check out the origin of the seven day week in the “Our Week” section. You’ll also learn the meaning of the names of the days of the week and their origin, as well as how they differ from country to country.

There is also the “Timeline” which shows interesting calendar facts.

A very nifty site. I’d like to point out that there is a lot of lovely artwork on these pages. It’s amazing how some people’s minds work to interpret things like days, weeks, and seasons.

Set a date to check this one out.