Castles of the World

Castles of the World

Learn all about castles with this site. You can also find out where you can go on castle tours, find castles for sale, and learn about the architecture of castles.

My favorite part of this site is the country listing on the side bar of the page. It allows you to choose which country and then pick a city (I think) and then you can check out beautiful pictures of the castles and get reviews on them.

The Castles for Kids is another great section because it allows you to find out all about castles. Learn what different sections are in a castle and why they were built in that way. You can even learn about the people who worked and lived inside castles.

This is a very neat site that just needs in-depth exploration because it has many hidden pearls to be found. Which castles did you like best? My favorites were Neuschwanstein and Lichtenstein. I’m a big fan of German castles.

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