Did you know that Cleopatra wasn’t Egyptian? This site is full of interesting facts that are not commonly known about Cleopatra. She was really Greek. To find out more interesting facts about Cleopatra visit this site brought to you by the Field Museum. This site is very interactive. Read tons of facts about this woman of mystery and piece together how you view her.

A very fun part of this site was the section called “Solve the puzzle”. When the section loads you are able to search three location for pieces of the earliest portrait of Cleopatra. It does take some doing as it is easy to miss some of the locations. But in the end is rewarding. After you have found all the pieces you get to put them together like a giant puzzle. When you get them all in the correct places you get the portrait.

You can also take a poll on how you view Cleopatra. Was she a hedonistic seductress, the goddess of her people, a charismatic ruler—you decide for yourself. Each option has a history to go along with it.

This site is extremely well crafted, with interesting information. Check it out!

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