Close programs when installing new ones.

When installing a new program in Windows it is recommended that you close all running programs. I have never done it, because I do not know how to do it. My question is: How do I close all running programs?

Actually, you probably don’t need to close each and every program on your system. I do installs all the time with stuff running (not just background programs). I only close all my programs if I run into a snag during installation. In fact, I’ve even been known to, *gasp* check e-mail during a long install! (Please don’t tell anyone 😉

If you still feel the need to get everything shut down, hit CTRL-ALT-DEL . Shut down everything but Explorer and Systray then go ahead and install. Just reboot your computer to get it all back. You could also right click each program in your system tray (by the clock) and select “close” or “disable” on everything but your monitor and sound.


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