Collection of String Figures

With tons of sting figures for you to learn and try out with video clips of how to make them, you’ll be tied up in this site for a while. I’ve spent the afternoon trying to make some of these and the instructions make it pretty easy, but I’ve learned that my fingers aren’t as flexible as they used to be.

There is a Kid’s Guide to Easy String figures where your child can learn Cat’s Cradle, A Hand Catch, Cup and Saucer, The Star, Fishing Spear, Dressing a Pelt, A Moth, The Mouth, Man Climbing a Tree and many more. You can even get video clips for these string figures as well as the ones in the main collection.

You can view the Main Collection by clicking on the link that says “Main Collection” or by clicking on the “Index to the Collection”. There are tons of figures for you to learn, try, and show your friends. You can also check out the Contributor’s Hall of Fame, and the Directory of String Figure Performers.

This is a lot of fun, take your time, and be patient with it and you can have an afternoon of joy at creating string figures.