Crash Bonsai

“CrashBonsai is the creation of John Rooney, an artist who is torn between the desire to create and destroy. Recently, he has been making bonsai plants, and combining them with model cars and trucks which he has creatively smashed and melted, to create ‘CrashBonsai’, little living car crash sculptures.”

I’m bringing you this site so you can check out the gallery each piece is so masterfully done. When you look at how intricate each piece is you’ll marvel at the artist’s patience and mastery. The pictures show the pieces themselves, and then close ups of the cars themselves. I love the pieces with classic cars.

My favorite Crash Bonsai is the 8th picture in the gallery. The tree is slanted across the roof of the car and it’s just really, really neat. What’s your favorite?

You can also check out just the cars themselves by clicking on “Crashed Cars” on the menu and check out the model cars. I’m not suggesting you buy any of them, just take a gander at them. The detail on the model cars is just fascinating.

A truly unique art!