Don’t you wish you could get only the parts of the newspaper you enjoy reading? I mean, I personally have no interest in sports and could take or leave the sports section of the newspaper. So what if I could create a newspaper that didn’t have a sports section? Well, now I can with this site.

CRAYON stands for “Create Your Own Newspaper”. I highly recommend you start viewing this site from the “Help” area on the site which will answer your questions and guide you through creating your own newspaper with step by step instructions.

I created my own newspaper with all the information I wanted to read daily. And the great thing is that you can even include online news sources in your daily paper. You can beef up the security too so that you are the only one who can read your paper by making pass word protected. You even get to decide on the level of graphics your paper has and all it takes is an e-mail address to set it up.

I think you will really enjoy getting only the news you want with this great and free service. I know that I sure did.