Weekly Download: Autoruns

This weeks’ download is from a great site called SysInternals.com . Among the list of great freeware I found a little gem I thought you might enjoy: Autoruns.

Autoruns is a program that shows you a list of everything set to autorun at startup. This isn’t ground breaking news to my savvy readers, but don’t be hasty, this program has some features that you may find as irresistible as I did.

First, a good majority of you might know about the “msconfig/Startup tab” or “services.msc” methods to view programs that autorun. The interface is a little tough to understand and can make the unchecking a program set to auto-run a stressful affair.

But what makes Autorun really stand out over more traditional ways of managing your autostart processes is that it breaks down the processes into easy to understand and manageable information. Not only does Autoruns show you your startup programs, but also in what order they are processed, and what processes and registry entries are part of the same program. You can also toggle between all and non-Windows applications and services, which is a really nice feature (I always wondered why msconfig didn’t have this).

To start Autoruns simply double-click “autoruns.exe” and voila, you should instantly see a list of autorun programs and processes. From the interface you can tell what the program is, or associated with. You can also tell what its location is and even jump to that location to take a closer look—pretty cool to say the least. Of course you can stop, and even delete programs from the list. The program also sees programs that are only set to run once or at set intervals.

Autoruns really is a great tool— it’s small and easy to use. Why spend more time than you need tweaking out your PC. Download and save this to your TOOLS folder and run it from time to time. You can use this in conjunction with my link in the Security article yesterday to get an even better grip on your startup programs.

Download it here