Download of the Week: Batch Bandwidth Monitor

It’s that time of the week again: that time where I go out and painstakingly search out downloads for you. This week is no exception and I believe you will enjoy what I’ve chosen for you. Have you ever wondered how fast your Internet connection is? Not what your ISP tells you it is, but rather what kind of bandwidth you’re really getting.

Batch’s Bandwidth Monitor is this week’s download and it’s a program that gives you a good look at your bandwidth and displays this information in an uncomplicated way. It downloads and installs in seconds, being only 2.07Mb in size. After the quick download you’ll be gazing at the flickering numbers of your Internet connection speeds.

Batch Monitor displays information such as how much data has been sent and received, your connection type, and estimated upload and download speeds. There is a graph section to give you graphical representation of your connection speeds (upload and download) and a history portion that gives you total data sent and received over the day, month, and even since product install.

There are many reasons to monitor your Internet connection speed, and Bandwidth Monitor is a nice tool to have when you need to. Batch Bandwidth Monitor 1.0 is free, they do take donations however if you would like to give them something for the effort.

Download link