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Weekly Download: Clipomatic

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time on the PC typing various documents throughout the day. Anything to help speed up things up is a blessing. In email I use signatures to answer common questions I’ve answered a hundred times already and it really helps.

In Microsoft Office suite there’s a nice clipboard but you can only use it in Office. Clipomatic is the next generation of clipboard. You can store up to 10 text selections and store them in your clipboard.

The program also has options to save your clipboard to a “Clip Set” so you can always choose from a saved list of copied text for whatever situation you’re in.


This comes in handy, not only when writing documents but also things like forums, instant messengers, and email. You could have a Clip set labeled for each situation.

All you do is select and save the text just like you would in a normal cut and paste procedure, but instead of only one item you could go on and select 9 more text strings and Clipomatic will save them in a list for you. To access this list you simply press the Ctrl+ALT+V keys (or any combination of keys you set up) and a small list will appear.


Just choose the text you want to paste and voila. Now the text you picked will stay the active pasted text until you pick another from the list or stop Clipomatic.

With an easy-to-use interface and small file size you’ll soon be copying and pasting like a professional.

You can find the download at

~ Chad

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