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Weekly Download: Iron Key

Being in the Internet game I hear a lot of people concerned about hackers intercepting their messages and wondering how safe transmissions on the web are. It’s true that email isn’t the most secure form of transmission out there, but it is easy and in most cases very convenient to use. As a general rule if you wanted to send sensitive data across the internet you were limited to a few different methods that were all a little on the “Techie” side. With this week’s download you’ll be able to encrypt files and send them out to whomever, and they don’t even need the software on their end, just the password.

Iron key is the free version of Silver Key, which is an encryption program that takes a lot of the “Hard work” out of data encryption. Encryption, for those of you that may be a little fuzzy on the topic, is when you take a normal file and make all the data secret, unable to be opened without the Key or Password. In normal data encryption there is quite a bit of configuration to perform in order for both parties to be able to interact correctly. With the Iron key only the person encrypting needs the software, all the receiver needs is the decrypting password. The method Iron Key uses for encryption is DES (56bit Data Encryption Standard), which simply put, breaks down the data into 64bit blocks and encrypts them which should be adequate for anything you want to protect.

Well, I’ve talked about how easy this is to use, and it really is. First thing you’ll have to do is to download the program (0.97mb). Once that is done click on the icon and disable your anti-virus to make sure that it doesn’t cause a corrupt install. When the program is installed, double click on it and it will show you a real quick way to get started, but there is also a button “More Info” that you can click and read all the help files (I suggest you take look at this).

There are two ways to use the program:
(1) You can literally drag and drop whatever file you want into the icon for Iron Key
(2) The program also adds a file to windows which allows you to choose the file you want to encrypt, right click it and select “encrypt”.
Both methods will prompt you to bind a password to the file and this is the password that you must give to anyone you send the file to.

No longer stress about sending important documents over the web, be at peace knowing that Iron Key is encrypting all of those important files. An experienced hacker can grab data off the web; don’t make it easier for them by sending sensitive data over the net in plain text.

Download Here…

~ Chad

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