Download: Lens Magnifying Glass

Weekly Download: Lens Magnifying Glass

Did you ever run into a website or a document that was really small and hard to view. My dad has this problem a little more often than I do, and I catch him using the Magnifier that comes with Windows from time to time. The Magnifier works pretty good for blowing up images, but as with a lot of built in Windows features, it’s not the best program for the job. If you find yourself putting nose marks on your monitor trying to get some information off the PC, then read on and check out my download of the week.

This week I decided to go with a program called Lens Magnifying glass (LMG). If you’re familiar with the Windows version of magnifier you’re probably also familiar with its awkwardness. The LMG makes things a lot easier; it doesn’t take up half of your desktop unless you want it to. The LMG also allows you to use different skins, which allows you to get different shapes and sizes of the viewing area. There are interactive buttons right on the interface so there’s no searching for a “Tools” button to change settings or zoom levels. You can also minimize the application to the taskbar and easily pull it up when you need it.


It downloads and installs quickly and works in Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP.

Get it here…

~ Chad

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