Download of the Week: YahooPOPs

Ah the good ol’ days—a gallon of gas was a buck, River Dance was popular, and you could open your Yahoo mail in Outlook Express. Then in April of 2002, Yahoo stopped their POP3 support, forcing its customers to access their email on the web or pay $20.00 a year for the POP3 access (along with a lot of other cool options).

Being too cheap to pay for email I was stuck living without filters or signatures, I had to go on without all the luxuries I once had—these were dark times indeed with little hope for change. Yahoo Mail, which had been my email account for so long and was my favorite free mail service, was now barely being used.

Last week a ray of hope pierced this gloom and despair and brought hope and new life into my Yahoo account. You too can have the pleasure of reintegrating your Yahoo accounts with your Outlook Express, as well as other supported POP3 client programs. The program is YahooPop3 and is a program that when configured allows POP3 clients to communicate with Yahoo mail service. It does this by basically going out and downloading your email off of the Yahoo server then importing it into your Outlook Express. This is done when you open OE or click “send /receive” and acts like any other email you might have configured to use Outlook Express and you can use all the features with the mail.

The program is small and downloads quickly. There is a little configuration to go through on the YahooPOPs program and OE (or one of the other pop3 clients). After you install YahooPOPs start it up and find the “Help” file and read the installation procedure out at their site. I did run into a little problem with the SMTP setup, but this was easily remedied by changing my ISP’s SMTP server designated field (I left the Pop3 settings the same) from”localhost” as they suggest. There is also a link out to their site, which has FAQs and a great forum for troubleshooting and added support.

You’ll love having Yahoo back in OE. It’s so much easier to view and manage all your mail.

Yahoo, it’s nice to have you back old friend.

Get it here…