Drive on In

Drive on In

Welcome to the Drive In. Well right off the bat, how many of you miss going to the Drive-In Movie Theater in the summer? I sure do. Well this site will help you locate Drive-In’s near you that are still operating and you can check out the Drive-In Museum as well. Not to mention a whole heck of a lot more.

If you are looking for a Drive-In, check out the “What’s New” section. I looked and surprisingly there were still some Drive-In’s open. But you can also check out the Drive-In calendars for more up to the minute information.

But why I’m recommending that you to visit this site is for the “Museum of Drive-ins”. There are some lovely photo galleries. But you can also learn where drive-ins came from, view a time line of drive-in events, and learn about inventor Richard Hollingshead. Did you know that the first drive-in opened in 1934 and was operating at least until 1999? I mean that’s outrageous! 🙂 Some businesses don’t last five minutes now-a-days but that drive-in lasted 65 years.

Enjoy this one with some popcorn!

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