Dump Your Deleted Email

If you’re using Outlook or Outlook Express and want to empty your “Deleted Items” folder it’s pretty easy. Just right-click the Deleted Items bin, click Empty Deleted Items Folder . That’ll do it. Most e-mail clients (like Netscape Mail ) work in a very similar fashion—if they use a recycle bin type folder like Outlook Express does.


However—if your e-mail program doesn’t have that handy little right-click-and-empty feature there may still be hope. Go into the Deleted Items folder (or the equivalent for your software) and hit CTRL-A . That should select everything in that folder. From there, just hit Delete .

What if you want to keep your deleted stuff that’s less than, say, one week old? Well, you can do that too. Click the oldest message and scroll down to the last one you want to remove. Next, hold your Shift key and click the message. Everything between the first e-mail you clicked and the last should be highlighted. A quick little tap of the Delete button and it’s all over.

Outlook Express can be set to empty your Deleted Items whenever you exit (Netscape Mail automatically does this). Just go to Tools / Options then click the “Maintenance” tab. Check the box marked “Empty messages from the ‘Deleted Items’ folder on exit.” .


Whatever method you use, you shouldn’t let those deleted items pile up since they take up space. Best to get ’em outa there.

~ Steve