Factory Tours USA

This site is really neat, not only can you find out what kind of factories in your area offer tours but you can also choose by category. To get started pick the state you want check out from the map, or use the drop down bar to choose the type of factory you would like to visit. I started with home sweet home, and chose Ohio off of the map.

And boy when the page loaded was I surprised by all the options. In Ohio you can tour: Velvet Ice Cream, The Longaberger Company, The Hall China Company, Robinson Ransbottom Pottery, Mosser Glass, INC., Malley’s Chocolate Factory, Krema Nut Company, KitchenAid, Honda of America, Harry London Chocolates… and that isn’t the entire list!

Isn’t that amazing. I’m trying to figure out how many of the great ones to visit before the end of the summer. When you are in the state or the category you would like to visit click the link of the specific factory you would like to visit and it will give you all the visitor’s information you need. Like directions, hours, seasonal information, and so on and so forth. A fantastic journey into the factories of America that keep us proud.