Find Your Spot

This is a very fun online quiz that helps you figure out where you should live, work, and even retire. It free and fun. You start by checking one of the three options of community size then click “find my spot”.

The quiz starts with a discussion about your weather preference. Choose how you feel about the options with Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree and Strongly Disagree. Next comes “Cultivating Culture” with the same answer options. “Teacher’s, Doctorates & Planes, Oh My” is next and so on and so forth. Keep answering questions through the eight pages of question.

Notice that while you are answering questions at the top of the page is a little circle where the picture keeps changing to different scenes of countryside, these are places that you are currently compatible with. It was rather fun to watch the options narrow down until there were just a few.

My compatible spots were: Little Rock – Arkansas, Alexandria – Louisiana, Providence – Rhode Island, Baton Rouge – Louisiana, Hartford – Connecticut, you’ll get lots of options. From there, choose a community to find out more details and even book a trip there. you can get in touch with real estate agents and more.

You can find your ideal location today.