Welcome to Elena’s page—get ready to join her on a wild ride. Why a personal site you ask? Well because this woman rides through the remains of Chernobyl on her motor bike.

Elena introduces herself and makes her disclaimer that due to heavy traffic her site may be down occasionally. Next she talks about what kind of bike she rides. Then she tells us about how rides safely through the Chernobyl “dead zone”. There is a really nifty map that shows both the places she goes to and the radiation levels present. I learned that asphalt does not hold radiation the way grass, trees, soil, apples, and so forth do. To continue your journey just click on “Next Page”.

The next section discusses more of her journey as well as the theoretical 600 years. Some scientists guesstimate that it will take 600 years, for the radiation to dissipate enough to be at a livable level, others 900. This section talks about the history of Chernobyl.

If you follow along all the pages you will have taken a fascinating trip through Chernobyl and into the Ghost Town itself. All filled with candid photographs of her journey. I got to a point where all I could do was click in read in awe-filled silence.