GlobeXplorer Image Atlas

GlobeXplorer Image Atlas

Check out the street where you live via aerial and satellite imagery. Just type in your address in the area provided on the side (if you are worried about information tracking just type in your city and state) and let the image load.

When the image loads you’ll be looking at your street, then you can zoom in to view your house, or you can zoom out to view your city, state, region, and nation. Each option appealed to me so I checked out all the ways to do it. I even checked out all the places I lived in as a child growing up because it was so neat. If you want to try varying levels of zoom, just click the different balls under the picture.

This means you could check out what your area looks like from the air, so if you were buying a new house you could see just how much room you would have and how close those neighbors would be. You can even check out landmarks, and buildings. This was very accurate for me, I found my house and trees with no problem.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I did!

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