How to download a wave file

How do I download Wave and MP3 sound files from the internet?

Here’s the problem. You go to download a sound file, so you click the link to it. Then Windows automatically plays it, but doesn’t display a download screen (OK, this varies a bit depending on what flavor of Windows / Explorer you’re using). What can you do? Easy! Right-click it.

When you right-click the link to the Wave file, you should get an option to ” Save target as… ” Select that and you’ll get a dialog box that allows you to put the file wherever you like. (P. S. This also works for stuff like pictures, movies, etc.)


That’s all well and good, but where do you put all of these little WAV files? Personally, I set up a folder on my C: drive for ’em

To do this, follow the procedure above, but when you get to the dialog box, navigate to your C: drive. Next, click the new folder button on the dialog box (it looks like a folder with a little star in the corner). Name the new folder Music , and put all your downloads in there. Win XP already has folders for “My Music”, “My Movies” and “My Pictures” that you can use.


Oh, if you’re really in the dark about all this downloading stuff, check out our downloading guide at:


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