Ice Alaska

Ice Alaska

What is Ice Alaska, you ask? Well, I’ll tell ya. It is the World Ice Art Championships. Check out the Web Cam and see the last picture that the Web Ice Cam took, which is Jur-Ice-Ic Park. You can also check out the information for next year’s event, and the tentative schedule.

Then, if you check out the Single Block Classic, Multi-Block Classic, the Amateur Open, and the Slide and Feature presentations, there are tons of really cool ice sculptures. Like the Three Wishes: a giant single block carving of a genie. Or the Dragon Protector, and many many more that are all very cool.

Make sure you check out the slide shows to view everything from baseball players sculptures to pictures of the artists themselves. They change every ten seconds and flip through a multitude of pictures.

I particularly liked the ice castle on the front page and if you move your cursor over it you’ll find that it is a roll over picture so that you can view both the night time photo and the day time photo.

This is a very chilly cool site.

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